About Us :



OneNet Communications Limited started its operation on July 2004, with an ambitious but reachable goal to provide people with an easy, faster and affordable way to get Internet. Today, OneNet Communications Ltd. is a multifaceted Service Provider offering, ISP services for both corporate and home, website development and maintenance, Corporate solutions, VPN service and operates a 24/7/365 state-of-the-art Customer Support Centre with the help of updated technology and dedicated support service.


We have established our own VSAT and we have 4 POP  (at Banani, Gulshan, Baridhara DOHS and Mohakhali) across the city. Our POP?s (Point of Presence) are interconnected through multiples Radio and Fiber Optic Cable to ensure redundancy and using MESH technology, so any failure from any POP can be supported re-routing the data from another POP immediately.


Our objective is to achieve customer satisfaction by producing the most technically advanced product with the best quality, on-time delivery and service. Our Policy is to continuously improve our products and services to deliver solutions of the highest value thereby providing competitive advantage to our customers.


We at OneNet accomplish this through our team efforts and by using innovative state of the art technology in all of our products. OneNet is committed to develop human resources to maintain its pioneering and leadership position.




OneNet Communications Ltd. is very keen about its customers. To provide high quality service it is very important to know and understand the customer's requirement. While using our service, our valuable clients may have some queries or suggestions, which are very important and helpful for us to know, understand or improve our service standard.

To get the fruitful answer of your query and to make an effective and efficient suggestions please fill up the following form. For any technical query or suggestion please select support, to know the product/service or price please select marketing or for general query or suggestion please select info from the following pop-up menu.